Breastfeeding Support Group


Got questions? Challenges? Tips to share?

For over 20 years, the Riverdale Breastfeeding Support Group has been the place for mothers to learn about breastfeeding, ask questions, get advice, meet other moms, and get much needed support. Whether you are exploring your options, learning to breastfeed, transitioning to going back to work, introducing solids, weaning or needing a little extra encouragement, this is the group for you!

Join expectant moms, new moms and nursing moms at the Riverdale Breastfeeding Support Group on:

The third Wednesday of the month,


Riverdale Lactation Center

3333 Henry Hudson Pkwy, #12A, Bronx NY 10463

RSVP: or 917-371-1948.

Support Group fee: $20.00

The Riverdale Breastfeeding Support Group is facilitated by Margot Mann, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. For more about Margot, click here. For more about the Riverdale Lactation Center, click here.

BFSG 2011


Breastfeeding is the safest, healthiest infant feeding option for both mother and baby. It is a skill that has to be learned! With the right help it can be painless, joyful and builds a beautiful bond between mother and baby with lifelong benefits for both.


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