Margot offers a variety of services to give you the support you need to breastfeed comfortably.

Private Consultations – Margot offers private consultations in her office or in your home and virtual consults by telemedicine.  Consultations can either be 1-2 hours; or  a Stay-A-Day consult is 4-5 hours (including lunch, a nap and help with a second feeding), depending on your needs.  During these sessions, Margot will hear from you about how things are going and will review yours and your baby’s full case history.  She can then physically work with you and your baby on positioning and latching. If you are worrying about your baby getting enough at breast Margot can tell you how much baby took from the breast during this feeding.  Finally, together you will develop a plan of action. Margot  will coordinate with your pediatrician to smooth the way.

Breastfeeding Classes

Antenatal breastfeeding classes teach you how breastfeeding works and optimize a smooth beginning. Specifically designed to deal with your specific concerns and prevention of common nursing difficulties. Knowing ahead often prevents troubles that others assume are to be expected as you start your nursing journey.

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