Breastfeeding Night at Yankee Stadium

The Seventh Annual Breastfeeding Night at Yankee Stadium on July 17th is ONLY two weeks away!  Buy your tickets BEFORE the price increases from $38 – $42 on July 5th.  Once again we have great seats in Section 208 ($58 seats).


This amazing event helps to NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING! This is the only known breastfeeding awareness event during a major sports game in the nation!  Don’t be  left out!  It is so much fun!  The FANCAM captures our 300 breastfeeding supporters, dressed in our “The Bronx Breastfeeds”  hot pink t-shirts on the FAN MARQUEE!  We are so excited when the announcer says, The New York Yankees WELCOME the Bronx Breastfeeding Coalition!  Typically, at least 60 moms are nursing their infants and toddlers at the game!  The babies and toddlers wear Yankee Blue t-shirts inscribed with – I Breastfed at Yankee Stadium!

The Yankees are in FIRST PLACE and are having a knockout season.  They are playing the SECOND PLACE Tampa Rays – so tickets are selling fast.

Here are some questions I have fielded lately:

  • Is this only for breastfeeding moms? No, no and no!  We want EVERYONE  to know that the Bronx Breastfeeds!  We want to NORMALIZE breastfeeding and let the world know that parents and babies can nurse wherever they are legally allowed to be …. even at a world class NY Yankees game!  Invite EVERYONE!  Families, Professionals, Friends, Colleagues, Men, Women, Children, Breastfeeding Families, Babies, Grandparents, Yankee Fans, even Mets Fans ….EVERYONE!
  • Are children FREE?  Check out the Yankee website.  Children up to the age of 2 who can sit on your lap (they don’t get a seat) are free!  Yankee Stadium has a play area for children as well.  First time at Yankee Stadium?  Stop at the Fan Office and get a FREE CERTIFICATE documenting your child’s FIRST YANKEE GAME!
  • You didn’t mention about e-tickets this year.  How do I get my tickets and t-shirts? We learned last year that 98% of the attendees are willing to make arrangements to come to my office to pick up their tickets and shirts.  When we did e-tickets, many attendees had challenges with the APP and it caused so many problems.  No matter how many times we told people that the EVENTBRITE TICKET IS NOT THE NYY TICKET AND WILL NOT GET YOU INTO THE STADIUM, folks still tried to use the Eventbrite ticket to get in.  My office is located only 4 blocks from Yankee Stadium.  We will announce dates and times that you can pick up your tickets or make arrangements on the day of the game to come here.  Many people ask a friend to pick up the shirts and tickets for them.  That is ok too.  I have made special arrangements to bring some tickets and shirts to large groups of people as well.  If this is preventing you from buying tickets – e-mail me and we will see what we can do.  Just remember, this is part of our VOLUNTEER COALITION activities.
  • I am NOT a Yankees fan.  Why should I go? Really?  You are not a Yankees fan?  Who cares if you are a fan or not …. This is about SUPPORTING BREASTFEEDING!

 Many Baby-Friendly Hospitals have brought their banners to show off their achievements.  It is really cool!

See you on July 17th (or before).

Theresa Landau, MS, RDN, CDN

WIC Program Director

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