Join the Breastfeeding Caravan and THE BIG LATCH ON Friday, 8/2/19


The Breastfeeding Subway Caravan, Press Conference and Global BIG Latch On is only one week away!  This FUN event raises awareness of the importance of breastfeeding as well as helps to normalize breastfeeding.  As we all celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month, the theme of “Empower Parents – Enable Breastfeeding” is best expressed at our Breastfeeding Subway Caravan.  We want to let the world know that New York Breastfeeds, so we are participating in the Global BIG Latch On immediately preceding the Press Conference on the Steps of City Hall in NYC.


On the Eventbrite page you can register for the event.  Registration is NOT a requirement for you to participate but will help you to keep up to date about the event.

Here is the Eventbrite link.


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European Baby Formula, illegally sold in USA, carries risks, pediatricians warn.

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Happy Mothers” Day!

To all  you, devoted mothers who work tirelessly around the clock for your children, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!


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I’m Embarrassed by My Prenatal Depression.

Here’s Why I Talk About It Anyway.
One in five women will have mental health issues during and after pregnancy. Raising awareness matters for getting them the treatment they need.

Read in The New York Times:

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Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act Introduced in Senate

Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act Introduced in Senate, summarized from Congress

The Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act has been introduced in the Senate by Senators Steve Daines (R-MT), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The bill would require that certain public buildings that are open to the public and contain a public restroom provide a lactation room, other than a bathroom, that is hygienic and is available for use by members of the public to express milk. The lactation room must be shielded from public view, be free from intrusion, and contain a chair, a working surface, and (if the building is supplied with electricity) an electrical outlet. The House version of the bill, H.R. 866, was introduced by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) and passed the House by voice vote earlier this month.


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Happy IBCLC Day!

Five Reasons to Ask for Help from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant®

by lactationmatters

We asked IBCLCs from all over world what lactation consultants do and when families should seek their help.


An IBCLC is a healthcare professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding and chestfeeding.

As Zoe Faulkner, an IBCLC in the United Kingdom, shared, “IBCLC lactation consultants provide experienced, expert and evidence based support to families, appropriate to the families circumstances, from establishing feeding in the early days to managing a complex situation.”

WHY should I seek the care of an IBCLC?

Lactation consultants shared with us a variety of reasons that you might seek an IBCLC. We summed them up for you here:

(click here to download)

WHEN should I consult an IBCLC?

Lactation consultants can help any time you have questions about breastfeeding and chestfeeding. From pregnancy and birth throughout your feeding relationship, an IBCLC can support you.

As Micaela Notarangelo, an IBCLC in Italy shared, “IBCLCs offer solutions, explanation, empowering,  and support. We are supported by knowledge, experience, understanding, and empathy.”

Or call Margot Mann IBCLC, at the Riverdale Lactation Center 917-371 1948


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Judge: insurer on the hook in breastfeeding case

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