Do breastfed infants wake more for nighttime feedings?

Do breastfed infants wake more for nighttime feedings? During the second six months postpartum, 78.6% of babies continued to wake at night and 61.4% received milk feedings, according to a study in Breastfeeding Medicine. Amy Brown and Victoria Harries, at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, investigated infant sleeping and waking along with breastfeeding and frequencyContinue reading “Do breastfed infants wake more for nighttime feedings?”

Bedsharing: Academy of breast-feeding Medicine press release

Recommendations Against Mother-Infant Bedsharing Interfere with Breastfeeding New Rochelle, NY, December 4, 2014—Recommendations by physician groups to avoid bedsharing among mothers and their babies are intended to reduce sleep-related infant deaths. But evidence suggests that the risks of bedsharing have been over-emphasized, advice never to bedshare is unrealistic, and avoiding bedsharing may interfere with breastfeeding,Continue reading “Bedsharing: Academy of breast-feeding Medicine press release”

Pumping at Work- Office of Women’s Health

  Although many businesses want to provide time and space for nursing moms, it’s not always easy for them to figure out how. Check out our latest blog post to find out how Rebecca Flores and her employer came up with a creative solution to help her keep breastfeeding after maternity leave. We want to hear fromContinue reading “Pumping at Work- Office of Women’s Health”