Getting Anthem to cover lactation visits

From a client who sought preauthorization while still pregnant and gave permission to share: “Well, it definitely was jumping through hoops, but I think it was worth it and I think by including elected officials, it could possibly effect some change. First, I did a lot of research with National Women’s Law Center, and usedContinue reading “Getting Anthem to cover lactation visits”

Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding

Study on Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding, from Women’s Health Issues The Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health has published a study entitled, “Access to Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding after Passage of the Affordable Care Act,” examining the associations between the access as mandated by the federal law and breastfeeding initiation and duration. The study foundContinue reading “Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding”

CDC wants improved breastfeeding support in hospitals

US hospitals have improved their support for breastfeeding mothers but not enough according to Dr Thomas Frieden. They should strive for UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Status. Read more:

Swiss Foundation and Yale School of Public Health Partner to Increase Breastfeeding Globally

Despite WHO recommendations, less than 40 percent of infants under six months of age are breastfed exclusively. Click here to see how the Swiss Foundation and Yale School of Public Health partner to solve this problem globally.