End Systemic Racism!

The violent murder of George Floyd has shocked us to the core. It has woken us up to the fact of a culture or systemic racism and oppression and white privilege. While our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all people of color in the United States we call on law enforcement everywhere to prevent the recurrence of racist behavior of all kinds. Moreover, we need to change the systemic racism in the United States of America. To do this, we each have a role to play. While thinking of the country as a whole, we must act locally. We must recognize the prejudices we each harbor and see that we act justly, without prejudice in all our dealings with other people.

We must recognize that American blacks and other minorities have higher maternal mortality, prematurity rates, receive lower wages, less opportunity, access to healthcare and education than those of us who are privileged and we must correct this. It is now our responsibility to go beyond demonstrations and work on how this should be done, COVID 19 not withstanding. Failure to do so makes a farce of the idealism upon which our national values are founded! 

Published by Margot Mann

A lactation consultant since 1986, representative to the United Nations for the International Lactation Consultant Association for 32 years, past president of the New York Lactation Consultant Association, Vice President for External Affairs for the International Lactation Consultants Association and current faculty of Pediatrics Department, Columbia University. It is a privilege to assist mothers and babies nurse so they can cuddle up and enjoy each other optimally. The extraordinary health benefits to mother, baby and health costs savings to society are nice side benefits to facilitating a most pleasurable way of feeding one's babies.

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