Breastfeeding and Maternal Responsiveness

Breastfeeding and Maternal Responsiveness Literature Review, from Advances in Nutrition

The journal Advances in Nutrition has released an article entitled, “Associations between Breastfeeding and Maternal Responsiveness: A Systematic Review of the Literature.” The systematic review synthesizes the accumulating bodies of evidence aimed at understanding associations between mother’s feeding experiences and responsive feeding in an attempt to clarify the nature of associations between feeding mode and responsive feeding. Cross-sectional observational studies consistently reported greater responsiveness among breastfeeding mothers than among formula-/bottle-feeding mothers. In addition, longitudinal studies showed that longer breastfeeding durations predicted lower use of nonresponsive feeding practices during later childhood, and some, but not all, found that breastfeeding mothers showed greater increases in responsiveness across infancy than did formula-/bottle-feeding mothers. However, a limited number of longitudinal studies also reported that greater responsiveness during early infancy predicted longer breastfeeding durations. In sum, although there is consistent evidence for an association between breastfeeding and responsive feeding, more research is needed to better understand the mechanisms underlying this association.

USBC: Staying Abreast of the Times May 31, 2017

Published by Margot Mann

A lactation consultant since 1986, representative to the United Nations for the International Lactation Consultant Association for 32 years, past president of the New York Lactation Consultant Association, Vice President for External Affairs for the International Lactation Consultants Association and current faculty of Pediatrics Department, Columbia University. It is a privilege to assist mothers and babies nurse so they can cuddle up and enjoy each other optimally. The extraordinary health benefits to mother, baby and health costs savings to society are nice side benefits to facilitating a most pleasurable way of feeding one's babies.

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